Going Hardcore: The Benefits of High Intensity Training

When it comes to fitness, there is a lot to choose from. From low-impact cardio activities like walking to intense power lifting sessions, today’s gym-goers have a plethora of exercise options.

With this daunting variety in mind, it can be difficult to select a workout regimen, especially if your fitness goals include shedding weight or improving aerobic endurance. One increasingly popular workout strategy is known as High Intensity Interval Training, sometimes written as “HIIT.” In short, HIIT involves period of intense cardio-based exercise with varying intervals of rest. Curious about this exciting training style? Here are 4 benefits of high intensity training.

The Total Workout?

In a recent study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine, consistent HIIT training was found, among other things, to lower blood pressure, improve overall cardiovascular health, lower cholesterol, and aid in the weight loss.

For many, especially those new to working out, HIIT has the potential to help accomplish a variety of fitness and health goals, particularly ones related to weight loss and overall fitness.

High Intensity Training Is Surprisingly Flexible

Another attractive part of any high intensity training program is its inherent flexibility. While most HIIT programs involve some variation of cardio exercise or cross training, it can truly be tailored to the individual.

In the same study which examined the benefits of high intensity training, the American College of Sports Medicine found that the flexible nature of HITT makes it the ideal workout for people who may experience barriers (such as diabetes or excess weight) to other regimens. In addition, the timed aspect of high intensity training makes it the perfect workout plan for those with busy schedules, as various days of alternating workout can be planned weeks in advance.

It Makes The Most Of Your Workout Time

While the flexible scheduling of HIIT alone makes it perfect for those on the go, this form of training also maximizes the effect of time allotted for working out. According to The New York Times, various forms of high intensity training were found to be much more effective in improving overall health than similar regimens of one cardio exercise, such as jogging. Specifically, as discussed in the article, intense training was found to be much more effective in “reducing body fat relative to mean muscle tissue” than other forms of training.

Its In Your Blood!

Perhaps the most dramatic benefit of high intensity training is its effect on the actual bloodstream. As shown in several recent studies, HIIT increases the rate at which the body demands blood sugar (glucose) and oxygen delivered to individual muscle groups. In turn, after completing a high intensity workout, your body will absorb blood sugar much more rapidly than after a typical “steady” cardio workout.

For those who are attempting to lose weight or who may struggle with Type 2 diabetes, this can be a means to both dramatically increase aerobic capacity and more effectively manage blood sugar.

Want Results? Seek Out A Professional

The benefits of high intensity training are numerous. To maximize your workout and get expert advice from a qualified fitness professional, contact E.A. Fit Club. Head Trainer Eric Atherton is excited to help you meet your fitness goals.

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