Eric is by far the best trainer that I have ever had the pleasure to workout with. He brings a lot of energy to class and he truly cares about every single member. I’m always amazed that Eric knows everybody by their name and he knows everyone’s level and pushes each member accordingly.

I was never a morning person. Then I started coming to Eric’s 6:00am class and I was hooked! I now pretty much wake up at 5:15am every day and I’m happy to do it. I actually look forward to going to Boot Camp each time. I love that every class is different and challenging but also fun. I truly appreciate that Eric is always there to motivate me and push me to go the extra mile. He also makes sure I am using proper form, which is important to avoid injuries.

Before going to Eric’s class on a regular basis, I used to get injured just running a half marathon. Thanks to Eric, I am a lot stronger now and I have run many races injury free. I was super thrilled when I completed the Disney Full Marathon injury free and I was even able to go to the parks the very next day. I know that would have never happened before working out with Eric! 

I cannot imagine working out anywhere else or stop going to Eric’s class.


I played football in my former school years, but as an adult, I had trouble finding a fitness routine to fit my goals and interest. My wife introduced me to Eric & EA Fit Club. I was hooked! Eric has done an amazing job of being able to provide a personal experience in a group setting and is truly invested in his EA family. 


I have been going to EA Fit since May 2016. I had been working out consistently but had not found a program that had worked until I came to EA Fit. Each day is different. Eric makes the classes tough but really fun. I always come away from a workout tired but also with a sense of accomplishment. There are some days I am not sure how I will make it through a workout (alligator slides) but I always do and I am always happy that I came in. I have never met a trainer who is so motivating and truly cares about each of us. Eric helps us be the best and strongest we can be. The difference in my strength and endurance in a year and a half is amazing. I have never felt so strong. The people are also why I come. It really feels like a family and everyone wants the best for you. We encourage each other and are excited when others do well. That spirit is what gets me out the door at 540 am for a 6 am class and what keeps me motivated to keep coming back. It is by far the best gym I have ever been to and I can’t imagine stopping.


I joined EA Fit Club 2 years ago when a friend gifted me a membership at the gym. As a mom and wife, I found that Eric's classes have given me the motivation and inspiration to lose the post-baby weight and replace it with strong muscles. All the workouts are creative, I have built great relationships with the other members, and I feel at home when I come to workout and sweat it out!!


"I started at EA Fit Club in January 2017. From the moment I walked into the doors, I felt welcomed and loved by Eric and the members of EA Fit Club. Eric pushes you to your limit and then some, encouraging you to become the best version of yourself. 


Each workout is different, designed to strengthen and tone you to the core. After every workout, I feel stronger and leaner. Joining this gym has changed my life for the better. I am excited to workout and see what new ways I can push my body to the limit. Eric's support, enthusiasm and energy make it all worth while. 


My journey is not over, as I continue to strengthen my core and tone by body, I am looking forward to the varied workouts by Eric and the enthusiasm and compassion that he brings!"

Michelle Wilson

"In 2010, I knew I needed to change my life.  I was obese, inactive and unhappy.  Two years later I lost half of my old self and had run my first half marathon, but I realized that I wasn’t strong, my knees hurt and my body ached.  I meet Eric and worked out, however, I was scared to join his boot camp classes. I thought the people and the program seemed intense and maybe more than I could handle.  Months after contacting him and getting his schedule, I finally worked up the courage and committed to thirty days.  Fast-forward one year, I am stronger than ever, more fit and I am trying and considering new adventures every day.  I have run two more half marathons and many 5ks and 10ks.  My constant knee pain is gone and I have “real” muscles now.  I get out of bed each morning at 5:15AM just to make the 6AM Fit Club class. I attend classes as many as five days a week and every workout is different. Eric is encouraging me to run a full marathon and to do a triathlon.  Back in 2010, the old me would never ever considered the possibilities. It is Eric’s can do attitude, great workout programs and constant encouragement, which keeps me motivated and willing to conquer all of these new challenges.  I can’t wait to see what we are doing tomorrow!"


"I love EA Fit Club!  I’ve been working out with Eric for over four years and can’t imagine ever stopping.  His positive vibe and enthusiasm take over the minute you walk in the door.  Every workout is different – you never know what he’s got in store for you, you just know that you’re going to work really hard and get stronger and more fit.  And when it’s over you feel great - physically spent, but ready for anything.  I can’t say enough great things about Eric – he’s one of a kind!"

Jamie Beynon

"I am a stay at home mom to my three young children. Since becoming a mom, I could never  “find” the time to workout on a consistent basis. Taking care of myself just wasn’t a priority. All that changed when I met Eric. During the past 18 months, I have literally transformed with Eric’s help. I wake up early five mornings a week and workout at E.A. Fit Club. I hardly ever miss a day.  Eric is motivating and you never know what you are going to get with his challenging but fun workouts. Eric believes that fitness is a lifestyle. I have learned so much from him. He truly cares about his clients and personalizes their workouts to help them reach their fitness goals. He promotes team work and the Fit Club members all support and cheer on one another. I am proud of all I have achieved during the past year and a half. My body is fit and strong. I live a much healthier life thanks to Eric."

Justin Townsley

"I have been attending E.A. Fit Club for just over 8 months.  Eric is an incredible motivator when it comes to working out.  Previously I would just push through the exercises with poor form and little to no motivation for doing exercises on my own.  Eric has helped to correct my form to make sure that I am getting the most out of each exercise.


Attending E.A. Fit Club has helped me to lose roughly 80 pounds and drastically lower my body fat percentage.  Eric and his E.A. Fit Club keep me motivated and really wanting to go work out.  I never dread attending because he always changes the exercises up, you will never attend the same class twice."

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After 12 years of the same training in the offseason for baseball, I felt my body and mind needed a change. Working out with Eric was the change I needed. I reported to spring training this year in the best shape of my career, and no doubt its the reason I’m having the season I am. Looking forward to Eric getting me in even better shape this winter!'

AJ Burnett, Pittsburg Pirates

I played football in my former school years, but as an adult, I had trouble finding a fitness routine to fit my goals and interest. My wife introduced me to Eric & EA Fit Club. I was hooked!


EA Fit Club has become a key part of my everyday life with the people, atmosphere, workouts, and daily inspiration! Eric has done an amazing job of being able to provide a personal experience in a group setting and is truly invested in his EA family. 


I came to E.A. Fit Club with the goal to lose 30lbs, after college I weighed 235 and I was striving to gain acceptance into the United States Air Force. In order to meet my goal I need to be less than 205lbs, but after spending 6 months working with Eric, I surpassed my goal by 10lbs! This gym was essential to my success. I look forward to attending each class and love the friends I have made along the way. The easiest way to say it, this gym is fun. You need to be willing to try your hardest and know that it will take time for you to achieve your goal, but it is all worth it."

Andrei Loizeaux

I have been going to Eric Atherton's E.A. Fit Club classes for years and I am an addict.  He truly gives you a full body workout as he balances both strength and cardio training in a highly stimulating environment.  Every muscle is worked as he cheers you on and pushes you beyond what you thought were your limits. I have improved my energy and endurance while actually having fun.  With Eric, you immediately see and feel results.  His dynamic personality and enthusiastic attitude pushes you to perform like you never thought possible.  His facility has no mirrors, no health club scene, and nothing to make you feel self conscious.  I absolutely love going to Eric's and encourage anyone to give his classes a try."  


3 years ago I was mentally and physically in a bad place. I needed to do something to get myself right. I found E.A. Fit Club through a friend who had gone through a profound physical transformation. I was terrified at first. The classes were more challenging than anything I'd ever tried. I was so wrapped up in self doubt that I couldn't imagine being as fast and strong as everyone else in the class. I quickly found that Eric and those amazing classmates were my biggest motivators. They were welcoming, and from all walks of life and levels of fitness. They gave me the support I needed to keep trying harder. 


Eric's classes are very challenging and always different. They are certainly never boring.  Do I always want to be there? Of course not. Some days I'm exhausted and it's a struggle just to get there. Now that E.A. Fit Club is a part of my life though, I don't want to live without it. I'm able to do things in my 40's that I couldn't do--wouldn't even try to do--when I was in my 20's.


When I started, I had a goal to be able to do one strict push-up. This year I'm working on completing a Spartan trifecta, with the love and support of talented coach and some crazy fun friends. Self doubt and excuses are no longer an option for me. With the help of E.A. Fit Club, I am now stronger than excuses."


I knew Eric was a person that could help me achieve new goals and also the one that would help change my life for the better.  On top of being a very insightful and knowledgeable trainer, Eric is effortlessly personable and makes every workout session go by in the blink of an eye.  He always pushes me further, and inspires me to reach new goals.  Eric makes working out fun yet challenging, and he has taught me a great deal. 


I have been very impressed by Eric’s passion to help the E.A. Fit Club group; he has a keen knowledge about fitness, and he has a unique ability to connect with his clients.  Eric is very caring and attentive to what each client needs, what their limits are, and how far he can push them. He encourages and motivates me to do better, and yet he knows how much I am capable of.  Eric has helped me work through my aches and pains in a manner that enables me to continue my workouts and still gain strength in a safe and effective way. My strength and stamina have dramatically improved thanks to E.A. Fit Club.  Thanks to Eric, I am YOUNGER THAN MY NUMBER!


EA Fit Club = Money and Time well spent!" 

Mishell (Shell) Voeglein

Before I met Eric, I worked with four other trainers in the span of 3 years. No one showed the level of commitment to my training and fitness goals like Eric, who I’ve been training with for two years straight. In these two years, Eric has worked with me through numerous injuries and limitations, so that we could always get the best workout possible, given my ability level at the time.


Amazingly, in two years, we’ve never repeated the same workout twice, as Eric is always changing it up and keeping your body guessing and getting stronger. He’s the only trainer I’ve ever worked with who knows EXACTLY what your body can and cannot do. When I met Eric, I was in physical therapy three days a week and losing strength and fitness. Since we’ve worked together, I’ve not gone back to physical therapy once, and I’m stronger than I’ve been since 2008. On top of his versatility and keen instincts as a trainer, Eric’s personal style motivates you to work your ass off!" 

Stefanie DeLuca, Ph.D.

The first thing you need to know when you read this review is I am NOT the type of gal who steps on a scale to check her weight.  I rely on my clothes to do that for me.  With that being said, I am an athletic female who has been married for 25 years and played 2 sports in college and continues to play in recreational basketball and softball leagues.  I have a treadmill in my house, have run 5Ks, half marathons and full marathons, done Bikram yoga, taken cardio kickboxing, a couple of mud races and more.  But in 2012 I was finally diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease (after 7 years of misdiagnoses) which explained many of the physical ailments I was encountering in my day to day life as well as not being able to work out of recent.


Before I started with EA Fit Club in September 2013 at the suggestion of a girlfriend, I could barely make it up past 6pm as a result of the Lyme.  I was on medication, constant headaches, overall joint pain, brain fogginess and more.  I was just coping day by day.  Yet, even with all these physical ailments I thought I was in pretty good shape.  Well, after my first workout I was sorely (no pun intended) mistaken!  It was hard but, yet, I was hooked.  I made sure to come back every day the first week and work through the muscle soreness.  By the end of the week, I was feeling good.  I was still on meds for Lyme but feeling more energetic.  By the end of November, I was off the meds – the first time in a long time and now I had a new goal:  I was going to keep up with all the “youngters” at boot camp.


Move the clock forward and it’s now 18 months later and I have NOT had a lyme flare up or needed medication.  The variety of classes, mixture of cardio and strength combined with Eric’s “no quit” attitude have been the perfect recipe for me!  I am doing wall handstands, carrying medicine balls up hills, burpees, box jumps, tire flips, plate pushes, rope climbs and more and I have never felt stronger both physically and mentally.  And, my lyme specialist remains in awe.  Less than 2 years ago we were talking about major life adjustments for me to cope with my Lyme – now he just shakes his head and says I’m his “lyme star.”  As a matter of fact, I am signed up for my first Reebok Spartan obstacle race in April.  Bring it on!


So, yes, the clothes are fitting much better; actually they are a little loose in the hips, waist and butt these days and the tone of my shoulders and arms is pretty cool, too!  Thanks to Eric for making 50 the new 30 and, more importantly, thanks for giving “me” back to me.  Can’t stop.  Won’t stop."


I began my weight loss journey about  3 years ago. I did loose some weight on my own within the first couple years with a combination of exercise and monitoring what I was eating.  When I first started I weighed 176lbs and I am currently weighing 150lbs. Initially, I wanted to get down to 130lbs. However, I have seen a significant difference in my muscle tone and the fit in my clothes.  I have gone from a size 12 to 6/8.  In April 2014 I joined E.A. Fit Club. Since then I have lost some inches from my waist and abdomen area.  I love coming to E.A. Fit Club because the fitness trainer Eric is very motivating and pushes you to your full potential! My strength and endurance has increased significantly since joining E.A. Fit Club.  Not only do I feel good but I am looking good! I would recommend Eric's program to anyone in a heartbeat! You come to loose weight and gain friends at the same time!"


I am a 51 year old grandmother with arthritis in both knees from chronic Lyme disease. I had given up on being in shape, not just doable shape, but feeling strong again.  I tried walking, swimming and going to the gym to get exercise without putting too much stress on my knees.  All those fizzled out.  No matter how good the exercise, it's no good if you don't stick with it, right? I had met Eric years back when going to another bootcamp before my knees really began to deteriorate....he stood out to me from all the other trainers!  Long story short, I went looking for him when I  heard he went out on his own.  I knew if I was in a gym with Eric I would be pushed to do what I would NEVER push myself to do.  Is it hard?  VERY!  Do I do it? YES!  Why, when all the other attempts to get in shape fizzled?  There is a sense of community.  I feel accountable to Eric and the great group of people I look forward to working out with when I get there. Eric knows everyone's name and how hard to push them and when to give an alternative exercise, which I need often.  You're in a group but Eric somehow keeps his eye on everyone.  He makes sure you have proper form, it's not just how many reps but how well you do them, and I believe he takes it personally the progress you make......You're not just another body in the room, he knows when your there and when your not.  Five mornings a week, I am challenged and motivated to beat my body back into submission, ha. There has to be a really good reason for me to miss even one workout.  In a short time I was feeling strong again......thanks for all you do Eric!" 


A great trainer is someone who:  

  • motivates and pushes you to do more than you think you can, but respects your physical limits

  • makes the workouts challenging and tough, while incorporating fun and friendly competition

  • is as focused on proper form as he is on outcomes

  • changes it up daily - mixing cardio with strength training,  body-weight exercises with weights - for a full body workout

  • is realistic about what it takes to achieve the results you are looking for, balancing exercise with a good diet

  • checks in on you if he has not seen you in a few days or fears you might have fallen off the wagon

  • leads by example by living a healthy lifestyle and participating in national competitions

  • you truly look forward to seeing every day!


I have been working out with Eric Atherton for over 5 years. Trust me when I say, he embodies all of these characteristics and more.  I would recommend Eric and E.A. Fit Club to anyone, whether you are just starting to exercise or are a seasoned athlete.  The workouts are incredible.  I'm never bored, I still have to work hard to get thru the class, and when I can't get to the gym, I really miss it. Joining E.A. Fit Club is one of the best decisions I've ever made!"

Ann Lobo

I started working out at EA fit club in late March early April 2015.  When I first started I was unable to do a push up with out being on my knees, know I can do 20 or more off my knees.  I feel I have become stronger and leaner in just 3 months.  Eric is a great motivator he is so energetic and cares about his clients.  His workouts are awesome and encourages me to try harder.  I have done classes elsewhere but nothing compares to the energy at E.A. Fit Club.  He has helped me get out of my rut of exercising and I feel great!"

Mary P.

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